Radio Free Europe - 4 IP-native audio consoles


ELEKTRONIKA in partnership with IVC and Lawo has just delivered and configured the largest ecosystem of Lawo audio consoles in SK & CZ region.
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFERL) based in Prague has put trust into the fastly evolving next-generation of Lawo audio solution.

Two existing and two new audio control rooms of RFERL's TV production will be equipped with the brand-new second generation of the all-in-one console Lawo mc2 36.
Three studios, each equipped with 2x Lawo A__mic8 stageboxes, will be shared among three consoles using the full-redundant discovery & routing & management system HOME.
The fourth studio and audio control room will be separate, ready for a standalone operation even in a remote studio.

Native RAVENNA/AES67/SMPTE ST2110 & 2022-7 protocols flowing through a boundary-clock network infrastructure of RFERL among the consoles and stageboxes - that's certainly a pioneering solution with a right timing, as the novel technology is already mature enough to offer high feature set and maximum reliability.

Three modular Lawo Powercore devices offer additional analog, MADI and Dante interfaces making these instantly available on the streaming network.

Integration with video is smartly solved by three Lawo V__pro8 units providing audio (de)embedding from/to SDI and video previews directly at the audio faders of the consoles.